Yayasan Skala Indonesia Together with Sampoerna CSR For Indonesia Holds Shibori Batik Training in Lombok

The Indonesian Scale Foundation together with Sampoerna's CSR for Indonesia this week provided Psychosocial Support Services for earthquake victims in Lombok through training in shibori batik techniques..

The training is a series of the Lombok Build Back Better Program initiated by CSR Sampoerna for Indonesia and Perkumlulan Skala in order to participate in Lombok's post-earthquake recovery period. 6,4 SR that hit Lombok on 29 July 2018 and aftershocks 7 SR on 5 August 2018.

This training was attended by Lombok victims, especially mothers and teenagers. “Shibori batik can train feelings of patience, calm, focus and the end result has a satisfying effect and evokes feelings of joy and excitement.” said Shibori Batik Training facilitator Agus Priyono, Wednesday (21/11/2018).

The Shibori batik training was carried out at the secretariat of the Indonesian Scale Foundation in Tanjung, North Lombok on Wednesday-Thursday (21-22/11/2018) with participants from Sandik Village and Selengan Village.

Meanwhile, Friday-Saturday (23-24/11/2018) held in Sembalun Village with participants from Obel-Obel Village and Sembalun Bumbung Village. (Santi/Wan)

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