The Story of the Indonesian Scale Foundation Behind the Writing of the Palu-Koro Fault Expedition Book

The Indonesian Scale Foundation yesterday launched the Palu-Koro Expedition book which contains traces of the earthquake in Sulawesi, especially in Central Sulawesi where the Palu Koro Fault is known.

The launch was held in the Floor Multipurpose Room 4 Medan Merdeka Selatan National Library, Central Jakarta, Tuesday (23/4/2019). Various levels of society were also present at the launch of this book, such as the Director of Community Empowerment at BNPB, Lilik Kurniawan, deputy head of IAGI Burhanudinnur, ACT Wahyu Novian, IAGI Public Relations Anif Purwanto, Palu artist Neni Muhidin,New Zealand Embassy representative Firlyana Purwanti and other members of the public.

In the introduction to the Palu Koro Expedition book, Head of the Palu-Koro Expedition Team, Trinimalaningrum tells, Palu-Koro Expedition, It was first initiated by two friends when they met at a preparation event for the formation of the Disaster Risk Reduction Forum (Forum PRB) year 2011 in Palu, Neni Muhidin, Palu activist and Trinimalaningrum who at that time served as Secretary General of the National Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction (Plan).

In the meeting, One of the issues discussed was the Palu-Koro Fault which stretches from Palu Bay to Bone Bay. “Even though it was only touched on a little, but this information made us curious, so the conversation about the Palu-Koro Fault continued in the coffee shop,”

“When I returned to Jakarta, Interest in the Palu-Koro fault does not stop, the information gathered turned out that there were not enough documents about the Palu-Kolo fault, different from the Smangko fault in Sumatra, whose research results are spread across various institutions,"he said.

Rini, nicknamed Trinimalaningrum, admitted that she continues to maintain communication on the Jakarta-Palu axis with Neni and other colleagues, curiosity, very strong curiosity, finally gave birth to the idea to follow the Palu-Koro fault.

“Why are we interested in following this fault? Because we believe there are many historical traces of disasters that are still stored in people's memories and these need to be explored and written down, so that it can be a lesson for all of us, not for the people of Central Sulawesi,he explained.

The Palu-Koro Fault Expedition Team consisting of the Scale Association, IAGI (Association of Indonesian Geologists), Quick Response Action (ACT), Tadulako University, The Central Sulawesi PRB Forum and Nemu Buku began their first trip along the area where the Palu-Koro fault is thought to pass, namely the highland area, mountains, and to Lore Lindu National Park which takes place between the end of May and July 2017.

Then the next journey continued along the coastal area that had experienced an earthquake and was followed by a tsunami at Mapage Beach, Talise and Wani, carried out in July-August 2018.

"We presented the results of our findings to various parties such as the Governor of Central Sulawesi and related officials in Palu on the date 31 July 2018, including BPBD, Government tourism office, Department of Public Works. We also share the findings with BNPB, KLHK, Ministry of Maritime Affairs, Mr. Sudarto Mangkusubroto, The Vice President is paying attention to this active fault, It was even Pak Darto who facilitated the team to meet with Ministries related to the disaster,he said.

The founder of added, during the process of writing an expedition report, They found many irregularities, one of them, Palu city contingency plan document for earthquake and tsunami, not in BPBD, even though this contingency plan will provide guidance when a disaster occurs.

According to expedition team sources, Renkon documents were prepared in 2018 2012, when the SCDRR-UNDP program was implemented in Central Sulawesi. At that time, simulation exercises began to be carried out, but only when the program is executed, after that there are no more simulation programs.

“And our worries, expedition team like real, the earthquake came like an uninvited guest, have not finished writing the report and communicating it to various parties, earthquake, tsunami and liquefaction occurred, right on date 28 September 2018, when our team is preparing the report, book writing, editing film. We were indeed shocked, silence and guilt become one, That's what we thought at that time, why when we met the Governor of Central Sulawesi did not force him in various ways so that the Governor would swiftly make preparedness efforts,he explained.

The presence of the Palu-Koro Expedition book has received appreciation from various parties.

“Congratulations to the Palu-Koro expedition team. We all agree that the results of this expedition are not the end of an expedition that we hoped for. There are still many homework in the future that I am sure we will reveal. "We consider this to be part of disaster literacy because there are so many disaster people in Indonesia," said the Director of Community Empowerment at BNPB., Lilik Kurniawan delivering a speech at the launch of the Palu-Koro Expedition book.

He hopes that all activities such as the Palu-Koro Expedition will be supported by the Indonesian state so that disaster knowledge can be obtained easily in this country.. ( on)

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